e-Invoicing platform of the GVA (Generalitat Valenciana)

e-Invoicing as a modernizing factor in Spanish public administration.

The platform developed by EDICOM as a central reception point for invoices addressed to any public agency belonging to the “Generalitat Valenciana” (central administrative organ of the Valencian region). This service lets you integrate 100% of invoices from public administration suppliers in the region into a single accounting register.

This business case will reveal the main keys to managing e-Invoicing addressed to Spanish public administrations:

  • Project aims
  • Platform operation
  • Service benefits

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This is our GVA e- invoicing platform success story:

EDICOM is a Spanish multinational specialized in electronic invoicing and EDI (EDI), with offices in 8 countries around the world. We have 20 years of experience in the sector and more than 14,000 clients.

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