PEPPOL platform consolidation in Europe.

The Public Sector is the largest buyer in the European Union, hence the importance of developing e-procurement and e-Invoicing systems.

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Find out the workings and scope of the PEPPOL network with this document.


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Check out our White Paper on e-Procurement systems in Europe

the European Commission has already taken legislative action on the matter through Directive 2014/55 /EU, which calls upon all public bodies in different countries to be prepared to use e-procurement with a common standard.

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This is our White Paper on electronic Procurement in Europe:

e-Procurement en Europa

e-Procurement in Europe

Status of modernizing initiatives for public procurement systems in Europe.

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What is PEPPOL?

Presentation of one of the most widely used e-procurement systems by European administrations.

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Beneficios del e-Procurement

Benefits of e-Procurement

Compliance with current legislation, automation of document exchanges with the administration...and more.

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La red Peppol en Europa

Geographical scope

Find out how the different Member State administrations exhange documents with their suppliers.

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VAT Compliance White Paper

Electronic VAT worldwide

Here we explain how e-VAT works, its regulation in the different countries worldwide and how companies can approach their compliance.

E-Invoicing in Latam White Paper

e-Invoicing in LATAM

This e-book presents a magnificent guide with all the current features of the e-invoicing systems operating in Latin America.

RG eIDAS White Paper

Electronic trust services

We discuss Regulation nº 910/2014 and how it can help European Union businesses build a climate of confidence and certainty in cross-border trading and procurement processes.


International e-invoicing

Discover everything about e-invoicing around the world on our new website. Companies and administrations use it daily in their business relationships.

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